Cuba in transition

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Cuba in transition – a country in the midst of change. Festival Latino Americano Rotterdam pays attention to these developments by showing contemporary Cuban films and some related classics, and to explore these in more detail. For this purpose, the festival invites a number of Cuban guests to Rotterdam: film makers, musicians and actors.

In four program themes, the focus on Cuba in transition is made visible. Cuba in transition is the main focus of the festival; the four sub themes are linked to a Cuban film and presented with an in-depth FLAR-talk during which relevant themes are picked out from the films and discussed with makers and experts in the screening room.

Starring: Sound
Sound films in which sound is playing a leading part

In response to the Cuban classic Suite Habana, in which sound plays a leading part, we will take a closer look on the role of sound in film together. Whether it’s music, sound or no sound; what you hear creates an extra dimension and connotation to what you experience as a viewer! After talk with Andrea Seligmann (sound designer) en Sonia Herman Dolz (music documentary film maker,) led by Edwin Koopman (Latin America correspondent of i.a. Trouw).
Thursday August 24 19.00

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Passion & Desire
Standards and values concerning ‘forbidden desires’

Linked to the newest film by Fernando Pérez, Últimos días en la Habana, the after talk is mainly about desire, and the wish or possibility to express it. In what way are the standards and values concerning ‘forbidden desires’ changed with respect to today’s Cuba and Cuba from twenty years ago? To what extent has the freedom of speech changed? Did taboos change or disappear? What was it like to be gay in Cuba for example and what is it like today? Led by Edwin Koopman we will talk with Vladimir Cruz, Cuban and actor in the classic Fresa y chocolate, and Patricia Ramos, film maker of the Cuban film El techo.
Friday August 25 18.45

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On the Move
Crossing borders & pushing boundaries
What do Cubans do to move around? What were and are the possibilities and means for Cubans to travel? Which borders have opened or faded and how does this affect the choices of the people? These questions are discussed after the screening of Pequeñas mentiras piadosas in which Cubans have started a travel agency to help fellow citizens to obtain an exit visa. After talk with the producer of this film and Dirk Kruijt (Emeritus professor of development issues Utrecht University[1]), led by Edwin Koopman.
Saturday August 26 17.00

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Music & More
Mutual influence of music styles
Cubajazz, the opening film of the festival, is the starting point to focus on the influence that other music styles have and have had on Cuban music. The film shows how especially jazz pushes boundaries and has been inspired by external influences for years. How does this musical ‘freedom’ relates to the opening up of social, political and cultural borders? What is the influence on the daily life of Cubans? What are the changes, but also: what are the threats? After talk with film maker Max Alvim (director Cubajazz) and musician Ramón Valle, led by Edwin Koopman.
Sunday August 27 17.00

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The screening of four Cuban film classics gives a special dimension to the program.

  1. Memorias del subdesarrollo: THE classic from the period after the revolution. Not only did this film win many awards, but it also retained its power until today. A daring vision on the changing Cuba after 1959.
    Sunday August 27 10.45
  2. Nosotros la música: Festival Latino Americano Rotterdam is film AND music, and with a focus on Cuba this gem is the ‘bible’. A visually stunning and informative portrait of the developments and great diversity in Cuban music. Looking at the current developments in Cuba, this film is still of relevance and importance.
    Friday August 25 19.15
  3. Fresa y chocolate: back in the days the best visited film ever in Cuba. For the first time, there was an open discussion about homosexuality with a daring critical sound referring to the promised land; the USA. During the festival, this film is the ‘big brother’ of Últimos días en la Habana, in which the vision of the maker and the possibilities to talk about this theme is much more direct. An interesting duo.
    Friday August 25 16.30
  4. Suite Habana: with the (lack of) sound as the main character, this film can be seen as a classic. A daring and successful cinematographic masterpiece. While in many Cuban films, the text (the spoken word) is the absolute leader, in this film the image and the sound (without words) offer guidance. In a festival where music and sound is essential, this film is a must.
    Thursday August 24 19.00